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Modern Style Beading Faces

Narmi, White, Silver

Ladies narmi beading watch face with loops.

152 item(s)

Black, Red, Pink, Olive Green , Lime, Lavender, Grey, Turquoise

Geneva round shape color stripes 21mm beading watch face with loops

490 item(s)

Geneva, Lime, Lavender, Navy Blue, Red, Pearl, Green, Blue, Black, Red

Geneva big number round beading watch face with loops.

49 item(s)

Copper, Pewter, Gun Metal, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

Weight: 0.5oz.

100 item(s)

Black, Silver, Pewter, Gun Metal, Green, Copper, Coffee, White

Weight: 0.4oz.

2 item(s)

Coffee, Copper, Royal Blue , Rose Gold, Royal Blue, Pewter, Silver, Gold, White, Hot Pink, Gun Metal, Black

Weight: 0.36oz.

Gun Metal, Copper, Coffee, Rose Gold, Silver, White, Painted White

Face Size: 26mm Weight: 0.395 oz.

1980 item(s)

Brush Silver, Gun Metal, Silver, Gold

Face Length and Width: 28mm, Weight: 0.63oz.