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Modern Style Beading Faces

Black, Gold

Men's bracelet fashion watch with sunglasses and writing pen - gold.

Hot Pink, Red, Purple, White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Light Blue, Light Pink, Green, Black

Thickness: 11mm, Weight: 36.7gm

200 item(s)

Geneva, Rose Gold, Silver, White, Black

Ladies rectangle springbar beading watch face. Limited Quantity Available.

39 item(s)


Arrows spring bar beading watch face. Face Size 33mm Spring Bars 18mm

198 item(s)

Geneva, Brass

Ladies round springbar beading watch face 32mm.

19975 item(s)


Round flower print cz spring bar watch face.

190 item(s)

Geneva, Blue, Red, Red, Hot Pink

Geneva platinum cz spring bar ribbon watch face. Spring Bar Size: 16mm

494 item(s)

Geneva, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, White, Light Pink, Yellow, Red, Red, Purple, Brown, Silver

Geneva painted 2 hole with loops oval beading watch face.

95 item(s)

Geneva, White, Silver

Bar Size: 20mm.

23 item(s)

Turquoise , Hot Pink, Silver, Gun Metal, Rose Gold, Gold, Pewter, Copper, Pearl, Yellow, Brown, Orange, White, Black, Lime

Face Size: 38mm, Weight: 0.75 oz.

Rose Gold, Two Tone, Coffee, Black, Two Tone, Pewter, Silver, Gold, Copper

Face Size: 32x20mm, Weight: 0.62oz. Six loops on each side.

1998 item(s)

Black, Pewter, White, Rose Gold, Gold, Gun Metal

Face Size: 30x34mm, Weight: 0.80oz.

2 item(s)

Gold, Coffee, Rose Gold, Two Tone, Black, Two Tone, Pewter, Silver, Copper

Face Diameter: 33mm, Face Height: 7mm, Weight: 1.095oz.

2000 item(s)

Red, Blue, Green, Purple, AB, Gold, Pink, Dark Purple, MOP, Crystal, Mop, Rose Gold, Copper, Hot Pink, Red, Clear, Gun Metal

Face Diameter: 30mm Weight: .52 oz.

Real mother of pearl face.

Red, Black, Purple, Pink, Lime, Hot Pink, Yellow, Brown, Red, Blue

Face Size: 31x35mm, Weight: 0.80oz

2000 item(s)

Silver, Lime, Red, Kelly Green, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Zebra, Black, Orange, White, Olive Green

Face Size: 35mm, Weight: 0.84oz. Colored dial band with inside Real mother of pearl.

Chrome side flower arrangement.

1996 item(s)

Gold, Rose Gold, Pewter, White, Gun Metal, Black, Silver

Weight: 0.82 oz.

Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Gun Metal, Black, Copper, White

Face Size: 33x32 mm end to end, Weight: 0.92 oz.

Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Pewter, Gun Metal, Gold, Copper, White

Round cz beading watch face with loops 33mm

1995 item(s)

Black, White, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Gun Metal, Pewter, Copper

Face Size: 32 mm end to end, Weight: 0.75 oz.

100 item(s)

Navy Blue, Multi, Turquoise , Hot Pink, Tan, Black, Red, Red, Orange

Face Size: 30mm.

1994 item(s)


Spring bar Watch face with Marcasite Stones. Face Size: 28 x 28mm

1778 item(s)


NEW! Marcasite watch faces with Spring Bars. 22x31mm.

1957 item(s)