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Colored Faces w/Loops

Colored Watch Faces with Loops,""

Crystal, Coral, Turquoise , Copper, Tan, Black, Red, Red, Purple

Face Size: 40x32mm, Weight: 0.94oz.

1993 item(s)

Red, Red, Hot Pink, Silver, Orange, Black, Blue, Pink

Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.27oz.

1997 item(s)

Lime, Hot Pink, Yellow, Brown, Red, Blue, Red, Black, Purple, Pink

Face Size: 31x35mm, Weight: 0.80oz

2000 item(s)

Purple, Blue, Pink, Zebra, Black, Orange, White, Olive Green , Silver, Lime, Red, Kelly Green, Red, Green

Face Size: 35mm, Weight: 0.84oz. Colored dial band with inside Real mother of pearl.

Chrome side flower arrangement.

1996 item(s)

Silver, Gold, Brush Silver, Gun Metal

Face Length and Width: 28mm, Weight: 0.63oz.

Geneva, Zebra, Red, Red, Leopard, Tiger

Animal print loops beading watch face

486 item(s)

Gun Metal, Pewter, Black, White, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

Face Size: 42 mm, Weight: 1.05 oz

Gun Metal, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Pewter, White

Weight: 0.82 oz.

Black, Copper, White, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Gun Metal

Face Size: 33x32 mm end to end, Weight: 0.92 oz.

Gold, Copper, White, Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Pewter, Gun Metal

Round cz beading watch face with loops 33mm

1995 item(s)

Gun Metal, Pewter, Copper, Black, White, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

Face Size: 32 mm end to end, Weight: 0.75 oz.

100 item(s)

Grey, Red, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Red, Hot Pink, Lime, Pink, White

Face Size: 41mm, Weight: 0.95 oz.