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Medium! Solid Bar Watch Faces

Find all medium size solid bar ribbon watch faces in this category.

Mint Green, Gold, Coral, Brown, Blue, Black, White

Designer solid bar beading watch face.

Geneva, Grey, Lime, Black, Lime Green, Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Bubble Pink, Navy Blue, Red

Stripes anchor solid bar beading watch face 35mm.

451 item(s)

Geneva, Turquoise , Tan, Blue, White

Tribal print round solid bar beading watch face 35mm.

480 item(s)

Geneva, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Red, Olive Green , Turquoise , Black, Mint Green, Grey

Geneva round color stripes solid bar ribbon watch face.

490 item(s)

Pewter, Silver, MOP, White, Gold, Black, Copper, Mop, Rose Gold, Coffee

Face Size: 30mm, Solid Bar: 18mm, Weight: 0.58oz.

1983 item(s)

Rose Gold, Gold, Brown, Black, White, Silver

Face Diameter: 32mm, Weight: 1.39oz.

49 item(s)

White, Grey, Turquoise , Green, Red, Brown, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink

Face Diameter: 31mm, Weight: 1.095oz.

1997 item(s)

Yellow, Copper, Pearl, White, Brown, Navy Blue, Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Red, Black, Gun Metal, Purple, Green, Pink, Zebra, Gold, Pewter

Face Size: 35mm.

19852 item(s)

Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Pewter, Gun Metal, Gold, Brush Silver, White, Brown

Face Size: 35mm, Weight: 0.79 oz.

1995 item(s)

Rose Gold, Black, Hot Pink, Red, Gun Metal, Red, Green, Purple, Gold, Pink, Copper, Pewter, Silver, Coffee, Orange

Face Size: 38 mm, Bar Size: 17 mm, Weight: 0.97 oz

1999 item(s)

Turquoise , Champagne, Pearl, Black, Hot Pink, Gun Metal, Gold, Copper, White, Coffee

Face Size: 32.5mm, Weight: 0.64oz, Bar Size : 19mm

199 item(s)

Leopard, Purple, Brown, Lime, Black, Yellow, Red, Red, White, Orange, Turquoise

Face Size: 30mm wide end to end, Weight: 1.40 oz.

1999 item(s)

Face Size: 23x32 mm, Bar Size 17mm, Weight: 0.800 oz. Product ID: 2710SL.

186 item(s)

Face Size: 36x36 mm, Bar Size: 20 mm, Weight:1.415 oz. Product ID: 2714SL.

192 item(s)

Solid Bar Ribbon Watch Face 29x36mm
$14.99 $7.49   $4.49
Emerald Green, Orange, Navy Blue, Blue, Pink, Silver, Green, White

Face Size: 29x36 mm, Weight: 0.780 oz

1916 item(s)

Gold, Pewter, Pearl, Coffee, Black, White

Face size: 22x35mm.

Good for interchangeable/slide through bracelet bands. BUY more SAVE more.

1993 item(s)

White, Silver, Pearl, Gold, Black, Pewter, Gun Metal

Oval 9 n' 3 solid bar cz ribbon watch face.

1992 item(s)

Red, Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Lime, Lavender, Hot Pink, Turquoise , Brown

Face size:33mm Weight:0.655 oz

19965 item(s)

Solid Bar Watch Face Round - Brown
$15.99 $9.00   $5.40

Face Size 31mm, Wide, Bar Size: 7/8".

199 item(s)

Egg Plant

Face Size 31mm, Wide, Bar Size: 7/8".

199 item(s)


Face Size 31mm, Wide, Bar Size: 7/8".

197 item(s)

Solid Bar Watch Face Round - Red
$15.99 $9.00   $5.40

Face Size 31mm, Wide, Bar Size: 7/8".

198 item(s)

Face Size 31mm, Wide, Bar Size: 7/8".

195 item(s)

Face Size 31mm, Wide, Bar Size: 7/8".

195 item(s)