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Multi Strand Beading Watch Face

2 hole, 3 hole, 4 hole, 5 hole, 6 hole multi strand, multi row beading watch faces. many styles and colors to choose from.

Narmi, Turquoise , Black, Gun Metal, Hot Pink, White, Red, Silver, Coffee, Copper

Face Size: 32x38mm, Weight: 0.650oz. Product ID: 13070BK

449 item(s)

Geneva, Turquoise , Hot Pink, White, All Black, Rose Gold, Black, Gun Metal, Pink, Gold, Orange, Pearl, Silver

Weight: 1.09 oz

Minimum quantity for "Geneva 5 Hole Oval Multi Strand Beading Watch Faces 46X36 mm" is 1.

Geneva, Green, Red, Black, Light Pink, Red, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Hot Pink, Kelly Green

Geneva 2 hole chevron print multi strand beading watch face

Copper, Rose Gold, Blue, Red, Black, Red, Pewter, Hot Pink, Dark Purple

Face Size: 25x30mm , Weight: 0.62oz.

498 item(s)

Silver, Brown, Rose Gold, Black, Pewter, All Black, Pearl, Gun Metal, Copper, White, Coffee

Face Size: 35mm, Weight: 0.93oz.

1991 item(s)

Silver, Coffee, Rose Gold, Brown, Red, Blue, Red, Black, Purple, All Black, Pewter, Tan, Pearl

Face Size: 42x36mm, Weight: 0.99oz.

1997 item(s)

MOP, Rose Gold, Mop, Silver, Gold, White, All Black, Gun Metal, Copper, Pewter, Black

Face Size: 35x32mm, Weight: 0.72oz.

1996 item(s)

Copper, Brass, MOP, Pewter, Brown, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Pearl, White, Coffee, Mop, Black

Very good finish 5 hole geneva multi strand beading watch face.

1989 item(s)

Red, Orange, Silver, Yellow, Hot Pink, White, Coffee, Rose Gold, Red, Pewter, Copper, Black

Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.2oz.

200 item(s)

Brown, Pink, White, Blue, Pearl, Turquoise , Black, Orange, Silver, Lime, Red, Hot Pink, Red, Grey, Purple

Face Size: 30x37mm, Weight: 0.67oz.

1968 item(s)

Yellow, Blue, Pink, Olive Green , Grey, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, Black, Turquoise , Burgandy, White, Lavender

Face Size: 40mm, Weight: 1.13oz.

2000 item(s)

Black, Brass, Rose Gold, Pewter, Silver, Pearl, Coffee, Copper

Hot selling snake skin fashion watch face.

1000 item(s)

Geneva, Turquoise , Red, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

2 hole multi strand aluminized rubber beading watch face

489 item(s)

Brown, White, Black, Hot Pink, Green, Gold, Blue, Red, Red

Face Size: 26mm Weight: 0.585oz.

1988 item(s)

Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise , Navy Blue, Grey, Blue, Lime, Beige , Yellow, Black, White, Brown, Orange, Hot Pink

Face Size: 27x30mm.

1969 item(s)

White, Hot Pink, Red, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green

Face Size: 40x34mm, Weight: 1.1oz

1999 item(s)

Gun Metal, Rose Gold, Brass, Grey, Mop, Brown, Pearl, Lime, Pewter, Copper, Black, Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple, Gold

Face Size: 27x30mm.

1975 item(s)

Pearl, Brown, Olive Green , Pewter, Silver, White, Black

Face Diameter: 38mm, Weight: 0.74oz.

1988 item(s)

Turquoise , Lime, Silver, Hot Pink, Red, Gun Metal, Red, Copper, Pewter, Brown, Pearl, White, Black, Navy Blue

Face Size: 35X29 mm, Weight: 1.05 oz

1996 item(s)


Face Size: 20x24mm. Product ID: 3338G


Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.255oz. Product ID: 13068BK

200 item(s)


Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.255oz. Product ID: 13068CO

198 item(s)

Gun Metal

Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.255oz. Product ID: 13068GM

197 item(s)

Hot Pink

Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.255oz. Product ID: 13068HP

200 item(s)