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Solid Bar Watch Faces with Rhinestones

This category includes all Solid Bar Watch Faces with rhinestones.

Geneva, Lime, Pink, Yellow, Peach, White, Purple, Turquoise

Geneva butterfly cz solid bar ribbon watch face.

19846 item(s)

Mop, Rose Gold, Coffee, Pewter, Silver, MOP, White, Gold, Black, Copper

Face Size: 30mm, Solid Bar: 18mm, Weight: 0.58oz.

1982 item(s)

MOP, Mop, Gold, White, Copper, Silver, Coffee, Rose Gold, Black, Pewter

Face Size: 42x38mm, Solid Bar Size: 20mm, Weight: 1.00oz.

189 item(s)

Dark Purple, Blue, White, Red, Red, Navy Blue

Face Size: 31mm x 45mm.

Very hot selling faces with beautifully arranged rhinestones in the dial. Good for interchangeable/slide through bracelet bands.

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493 item(s)

Pearl, Gold, Copper, White, Coffee, Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Pewter

Face Size: 39mm, Weight: 1.18oz.

Red, Red, Purple, Pearl, Orange, Turquoise , Hot Pink, Silver

Round colored stone solid bar ribbon watch face 36mm.

Black, White, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Brown

Face Diameter: 32mm, Weight: 1.39oz.

49 item(s)

Yellow, White, Turquoise , Red, Blue, Grey, Hot Pink, Pink, Red

Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.30oz.

1996 item(s)

Hot Pink, Red, Black, Gun Metal, Purple, Green, Pink, Zebra, Gold, Pewter, Yellow, Copper, Pearl, White, Brown, Navy Blue, Red, Blue

Face Size: 35mm.

19845 item(s)

Royal Blue , Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Gun Metal, Red

Face Size: 42mm, Weight: 1.33 oz

1999 item(s)

Copper, Pewter, Silver, Coffee, Orange, Rose Gold, Black, Hot Pink, Red, Gun Metal, Red, Green, Purple, Gold, Pink

Face Size: 38 mm, Bar Size: 17 mm, Weight: 0.97 oz

1999 item(s)

Yellow, Lime, Purple, Red, Hot Pink, Orange, Pink, Brown, Red, Turquoise , Clear

Face Size: 45mm, Bar Size: 20mm, Weight: 1.17oz

2000 item(s)

Solid Bar CZ Ribbon Watch Face 39mm
$14.99 $8.99   $5.39
White, Red, Copper, Brown, Two Tone, Gold, Silver, Turquoise , Two Tone, Lime, Light Pink, Red, Zebra, Breast Cancer

Face Size: 39mm. Good for interchangeable/slide through bands.

6 item(s)

Face Size: 36x36 mm, Bar Size: 20 mm, Weight:1.415 oz. Product ID: 2714SL.

190 item(s)

Face Size: 42x36 mm, Bar Size: 19 mm, Weight: 1.185 oz. Product ID: 2716SL.

187 item(s)

Pink, White, Gun Metal, Pearl, Turquoise , Copper, Orange, Silver, Brown, MOP, Rose Gold, Blue, Mop, Red, Black, Lime Green, Red, Hot Pink

Face Size: 31mm x 45mm.

Very hot selling faces with beautifully arranged rhinestones in the dial. Good for interchangeable/slide through bracelet bands.

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299 item(s)

Grey, White, Black, Turquoise , Red, Red, Purple, Lime

Face size: 40mm. Enamelled Dial

19966 item(s)

Blue, Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise , Pink, White, Black, Yellow

Diamond cut glass solid bar watch face 41mm Rhinestone markers in the dome shape dial.

1999 item(s)

Pearl, Gold, Black, Pewter, Gun Metal, White, Silver

Oval 9 n' 3 solid bar cz ribbon watch face.

1992 item(s)

Orange, Lime, Lavender, Hot Pink, Turquoise , Brown, Red, Blue, Red, Black

Face size:33mm Weight:0.655 oz

19964 item(s)

Copper, Black, White, Silver, Pearl, Gun Metal

Face Size: 32x40mm (1 1/4" x 1 1/2"), Bar Size: 20mm, Weight 37.5gm.

Real Mother of Pearl Face, Except For the all Silver and Black

Rhinestones inside and outside the dial.

1997 item(s)

Red, Copper, Purple, Blue, Pearl, Black, Orange, White, Lime, Silver, Gun Metal, Rose Gold, Gold

Slim cz solid bar watch face round 39mm

1997 item(s)

Two Tone, Gun Metal, Gold, Silver

Face Size: 30x40mm (1 3/16 x 1 8/5"), Weight: 26.1gm.

1997 item(s)

Black, Yellow, Pewter, Gun Metal, Silver, White, Gold

Concave face cz solid bar face round 42mm

1999 item(s)