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Solid Bar Watch Faces

Solid Bar Ribbon and Scarf Watch Faces. This main category includes Solid Bar with White Faces, Solid Bar with Colored Faces and Solid Bar with Rhinestones.

Lime, Orange, Blue, Black, Red, Turquoise , White, Hot Pink, Clown, Multi, Yellow, Purple, Red, Grey

Polka dot solid bar cz ribbon watch face.

1999 item(s)

Orange, Light Blue, Green, Cheeta, Zebra, Brown, White, Black, Red

1990 item(s)

Narmi, Silver, Red, Pink, Pearl, MOP, White, Lime, Turquoise , Black

Mini Heart shape ribbon watch faces, Solid Bar size 1/2.

400 item(s)

Hot Pink, White, Green, Brown, Purple, Red, Orange, Burgandy, Beige , Red, Black

Watch face has double layer on it like one layer of solid color and the other white layer with the Spiral shape cuttings. Good for interchangeable/slide through bands.

500 item(s)

Purple, White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Light Blue, Light Pink, Green, Black, Hot Pink, Red

Thickness: 11mm, Weight: 36.7gm

200 item(s)

Geneva, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

Limited Quantity Available. Ladies geneva solid bar beading rectangle watch face.

11 item(s)

Grey, Black, Purple, Coral, Blue, Beige

Moroccan dial print solid bar beading watch face.

198 item(s)


Who cares Im already late solid bar beading watch face.

Solid Bar beading Watch Face 40mm
$19.99 $8.49   $5.09
White, Gold

150 item(s)

White, Gold

Texas, California, Utah, and Louisiana Map Solid Bar Beading Watch Face

198 item(s)

Red, Mint Green, White, Multi, Black

Geneva polka dot solid bar beading watch face.

197 item(s)

Black, Beige , Orange, Mint Green, Lavender

Lace print solid bar beading watch face 40mm

194 item(s)

Coral, Brown, Blue, Black, White, Mint Green, Gold

Designer solid bar beading watch face.

Coral, Mint Green, Lavender, Hot Pink

Solid bar floral beading watch faces 35mm

1977 item(s)

Geneva, Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Bubble Pink, Navy Blue, Red, Grey, Lime, Black, Lime Green

Stripes anchor solid bar beading watch face 35mm.

454 item(s)

Geneva, Blue, White, Turquoise , Tan

Tribal print round solid bar beading watch face 35mm.

480 item(s)

Geneva, Red, Red, Olive Green , Turquoise , Black, Mint Green, Grey, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown

Geneva round color stripes solid bar ribbon watch face.

491 item(s)

MOP, Light Pink, Lavender, Hot Pink, White, Brown, Turquoise , Blue, Pearl, Black

Geneva 3 eye designer chrono round solid bar 41mm beading watch face.

Geneva, White, Purple, Turquoise , Lime, Pink, Yellow, Peach

Geneva butterfly cz solid bar ribbon watch face.

19859 item(s)

Geneva, Red, Black, Purple, Orange, Hot Pink, Yellow, Grey, Green, Red, Blue

Face Size: 40mm, Weight: 0.92oz.

465 item(s)

His Her Watches, Blue, Yellow, Green, Turquoise , Black, Red, Red, Orange, Pink, White

End to end. solid bar size 19mm.

Real mother of pearl face.

448 item(s)

Gold, Black, Copper, Mop, Rose Gold, Coffee, Pewter, Silver, MOP, White

Face Size: 30mm, Solid Bar: 18mm, Weight: 0.58oz.

1987 item(s)