Custom Watch

If you are looking for custom logo or custom design watches, the search is over...

We make custom watches to your exact style and specifications. Our Customers order watches with custom logos for their businesses, schools, special events or any custom order.

Minimum order qty is 500 pcs per style per color. Minimum order differs depending upon the style. You can let us know the one of our style or send any of your own physical sample to make exact same style. Simply send us one "sample" watch with your logo or any information you need and we will replicate it. We will show the CAD sample for approval before actual production.

Usual time period is 45-60 days from the date the order is placed. For the best price and more detail please contact us at (469) 358-9319 or via email:

Note: custom logo will require a authorization from the company whose logo is being placed on the watch.

contact us at (469) 358-9319 or via email: